Citations du DNA


  • Quai 4, Porte 54

    (Wharf 4, Gate 54)

    Director : MADANI - 21 minutes

    Zdravo wants to leave the city to spread his wings. On the river harbour of Strasbourg, he meets Norman and begins to be interested in his life. Due to this encounter, he enters a neverending cycle and becomes the target of many worries...

  • Le code de la famille « Atalia »

    (The code of family Atalia)

    Director : MADANI - 21 minutes

    After the death of Atalia, the head of the Atalia-clan, two elder godfathers of the local Mafia, Alessandro and Miller, fight over the vacant territories. They fail to realize that times have changed and that another clan is about to emerge. In fact, the leader of this new clan is a woman.

  • Strasbourg été 1993

    (Strasbourg, summer of 1993)

    Director : MADANI - 10 minutes

    A walk through the city...

  • Retour


    Director  : MADANI - 21 minutes

    Strasbourg, the eighties. A man devastated by his memory loss tries to solve the puzzle of his past. He only has some flashbacks. A woman doctor lives an ordinary life. One night, they come across each other in a bar. They exchange looks. She remembers having known him years ago. They try to communicate together, but...

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